Re: [unrev-II] Profound Thinking (but of questionable relevance to present DKR project)

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Wed Feb 23 2000 - 12:59:15 PST

From: Eric Armstrong <>

Henry van Eyken wrote:
> P.S. I wonder how notes like the above would best find a suitable fit
> in
> a DKR. They do not represent such concrete knowledge as the properties
> of a screw that holds a tail to an airplane. They are not information
> anyone would be searching for in a knowledge container. How are they
> to
> be placed such that they do not contribute to info-overload for those
> consulting the DKR and still will come to the fore to be acted on (or
> replaced) at an appropriate instance? I still have to catch up with
> the
This sort of material would belong under a category best described
as "Adjunctive comments" or, more simply, "discussion".

Under the dictum that, in well-formed english, each paragraph contains
one main idea, the unit of labeling would the paragraph. Every paragraph
in a document would therefore need a label, but providing them need not
be onerous. The reason? Because in a "well-formed" hierarchy, it should
be possible to default the node type.

When you click the "reply" button in your browser/editor/email system,
the node that is created might automatically get the "discussion" type,
for example. In an IBIS conversation, a new entry at the top most level
would automatically be a question. A child node created under a question
would automatically be an alternative. Under that would be arguments
(you'd have to select "for" or "against", etc.

This is the kind of behavior that XML-schema directed editors like the
alphaworks Xeena editor already manages -- the elements you can create
depend on your current context.

(Xeena is at

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