[unrev-II] Projecting talent and insights into a wider community

From: Henry van Eyken (vaneyken@sympatico.ca)
Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 07:06:48 PST

From: Henry van Eyken <vaneyken@sympatico.ca>

Earlier today, we received a post from Dick Karpinski (Subject:
[unrev-II] DKR best practice) in which he wrote,

"... I visited the guy and watched him [doing his astounding] work ..."

Those are among the finest moments of life, to observe such human riches
in action and the results. I feel fortunate that in my own life I have
had quite a few such encounters. Some such encounters may make one a bit
more effective oneself. Others create in one's mind a goal to strive
for. And others simply enrich the ambiance of one's life.

An exhilarating thing about the colloquium is the parade of talent and

I subscribed to the coloquium simply hoping I would pick up a thing or
two that might help me improve a website. However, what I ran into far
exceeded my expectations. There is not a thing I do or think that
someone else does or thinks far better, right down to such a seemingly
simple act as taking lecture notes! (Thanks, Bill.)

That website, Fleabyte, came into being in the context of a users group,
a Be Operating System Users Group. It is a context through which one
meets good people, but also runs into all sorts of juvenile stuff in
which, as a social being, one may participate to some extent.
Fortunately, through site-related work, I have also been able to help a
few really talented, young people to learn do some things a little
better. For a teacher that is gratifying.

I am now in the process of loosening my site from the narrower bounds of
user group activities, a process hastened by accidentally falling into
this colloquium's fine ambiance. At the present time, therefore, I have
come to wonder whether Fleabyte might play a valuable role by reflecting
some of the work and ideas encountered on this colloquium -- while
sticking to its stated, principal objective. Doing so would entail
"translating" (no, not popularizing!) the intellectual content of the
Colloquium so as to target a more general, young public at a more
individualistic level than those engaged in organizations. Forever the
optimist, my hunch is that this, with some practice, is doable.

While these thoughts were turning over in my mind, I have been asked by
Dr. Engelbart to become webmaster for his Bootstrap site. Yes, it does
seem a reckless move on his part. I believe my principal qualification
for deserving his trust is that I am retired. He knows that I have a lot
to learn about webmastering.

The reason for me bringing up this issue is that, clearly, the Bootstrap
work must take precedence over Fleabyte work. Nevertheless, I am kind of
hoping that I may receive positive responses from individuals who
contributed to this colloquium if and when I ask them for some specific
contribution to the Fleabyte pages. Or, perhaps even, taking on some
specific editorial rolls.

May I look forward to privately e-mailed responses, be they encouraging,
cautioning, or discouraging? Mostly such e-mail should be PRIVATE so as
not to interfere with the Colloquium's "official" discussions.


Fleabyte -- http://www.fleabyte.org -- is
an evolving, experimental web-publication
devoted to public computency, which, like
common literacy, is regarded as essential
to an environmentally healthy, democratic

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