[unrev-II] Eric Armstrong -- How DKR Penetration Will Be Achieved

From: John \ (johnwerneken@netzero.net)
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 15:35:54 PST

From: "John \"sb\" Werneken" <johnwerneken@netzero.net>


Setting aside philosophical differences about the state of the world and the
proper means for improving it, my CENTRAL UNEASE about this whole Colloquium
has been a conviction that it COULD NOT SUCCEED. Specifically, DKR
capabilities might well be appropriate to issues like the UN University's
top fifteen, and convincing top decision makers of this might well cause
grant money to flow to DKR proponents, yet this most assuredly has not
happened yet, despite the case for it being "out there", in Doug's work,
since I was a child.

Yet even my employer is experimenting with DKR-like software. I think they
see it as an alternative to training, a form of 'education on demand' for
new staff and for old staff assigned to new clients. Fueled, they hope, by
the collected, integrated, and available expertise already present in their
6,000-person workforce. This is proprietary software; they call their
application "Intellectual Edge" and the software is called "Knowledge
Bridge". I as a lowly peon haven't seen it yet, so that's all I can
say...that the prospect of a useful DKR is attracting investment...

Like the Internet, while infrastructure may be built or supported by large
organizations, the UTILITY of a new paradigm will as you say be demonstrated
"in real life" by individuals and by work groups, and from there it will

I hope every body in the group reads your excellent piece!

Quoted Thesis:

>In session 8, Doug made two points that are central to his
> 1) We need to improve an organization's capability for
> improving their capabilities
> 2) This can happen with good show-screen technology,
> so that others can "look over your shoulder" and see
> how you do things.
>I'm going to pick up on an argument I started a while back,..........
>and argue even more strenuously that this approach is simply
>not going to work.

Quoted Alternative:

>A Counter Proposal
>The bottom line in organizational penetration is that no one is
>going to care *how* I do what I do until they see spectacular
>results. Even then, management is likely to be unconcerned about
>the process -- it is only the results that count. And coworkers,
>who can be expected to be interested in the process, will only
>typically be motivated only to the extent that proven success
>derives from it.
>The point then, is that DKR penetration will occur not by
>showing the process, but by showing results. How can those
>results be achieved?
>Those results will be achieved first by *individuals* in an
>organization who are connected to a DKR that makes them more

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