Re: [unrev-II] How DKR Penetration Will Be Achieved

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Sun Feb 27 2000 - 20:28:01 PST

From: Eric Armstrong <>

To clarigy

"Peter P. Yim" wrote:
> the
> "Language/Action Perspective" in system design.
Is that the name of a paper, or the concept. If the later,
is that one of the topics dicussed in

> Our (Winograd, Newman & Yim) earlier paper "Including People in
> Computer
> Integrated Manufacturing Designs" (at
> <>) can be a convenient starting
> point.
Or does it stem from one or more of the links from that page?

> You may follow the references and links from there if you find
> the approach interesting. We argue that design approaches that assume
> the "ideal" (e.g. assuming that things are fully describable) would
> fall short in its ability to model reality.

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