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From: Eugene Kim (
Date: Thu Mar 02 2000 - 01:44:54 PST

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    From: Eugene Kim <>

    On Sat, 26 Feb 2000, Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > We mare almost certainly decades away from having the
    > capacity to automatically index a story under all the
    > many headings that might be appropriate. The story about
    > improving cars, for example, might be about improving
    > designs, overcoming management resistance, achieving
    > worker acceptance, getting customers involved, moving
    > to standardized interfaces, none of the above, all of
    > the above, or any combination of the above and many
    > more.
    > How could we do that?

    David Gelertner (who founded MirrorWorlds) wrote a wonderful essay in
    _Beyond Calculation: The Next Fifty Years of Computing_ (Copernicus 1997)
    where he describes an emotion function for indexing loosely associated
    concepts. The idea is simple; the implementation, perhaps intractable. A
    common association, for example, are women and flowers (excuse my
    male-centrism for a moment). Gelertner's explanation for why we associate
    these two seemingly disparate concepts is that they inspire similar
    emotions. This principle served as the foundation for one of Gelertner's
    research projects at Yale, the FGP Machine (Fetch, Generalize, and

    Incidentally, Gelertner, I think, falls in the opposite camp of Engelbart.
    A point that Peter made in his e-mail and in his CIM paper is that trying
    to automate human capabilities within a system is a bad strategy; it's
    better to augment human capabilities with tools. Gelertner is trying to
    automate human capabilities with the FGP machine. For the record, despite
    my fascination with Gelertner's work, I fall in the Engelbart camp. :-)


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