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From: Bill Bearden (
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 15:08:57 PST

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    From: "Bill Bearden" <>

    Another of Doug's concepts is the Bootstrapping Index. Doug has made it a
    goal to try and find organizations whose B-level activities are someone
    else's C-level activities. From this, it can be implied that ABC are
    relative to one's point of view.

    - XYZ Corp. makes widgets. This is their primary function so we call it the
    A-level activity.
    - XYZ Corp. decides to implement a Quality Control department to improve the
    process of making widgets. This is B-level.
    - XYZ Corp. decides to create an information system to assist the QC
    department. The design and construction of this QCIS is a C-level activity
    because its goal is to improve a B-level activity.

    That is all from the standpoint of the production department. But to the IS
    department, the design and construction of the QCIS is an A-level activity.
    An activity can be at different levels even within an organization.

    While merging cafeteria's might be an A-level activity to the Facilities
    department, it could also be a C-level activity to someone else. In the
    example above, XYZ Corp. might decide that the cross-pollination caused by
    merging cafeterias will help the QC department communicate with people
    throughout the organization. If that was the reason for merging cafeterias,
    then it is a C-level activity because it is improving a B-level process,
    namely QC.

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    > >A useful counter example, then, would be a C-level activity that *does*
    > >make sense for us. Can anyone think of one? If so, are sure it's not
    > >really a B-activity?
    > How about Doug's High Performance Teams? Once a team is created
    > it's job is
    > to improve some aspect of its company: a B-level activity. But all of the
    > work to create & improve High Performance Teams is a C-level activity.
    > -- Ron --

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