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Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 10:43:56 PST

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    In the tools area, I simply mean that the tools are advancing to provide
    standardized and accessible (please read available to practically
    everyone) methods to accomplish many goals of the OHS and DKR. From the
    OHS definitions, many of the hyperdocument types and operations can be
    easily accomodated in modern HTML. For the Repository, XML and search
    technologies gives us methods of tagging and indexing document
    information items allowing relatively simple methods of submitting,
    evolving, and using the content.

    In other words, I am thinking that some of the current available
    technology has 'caught up' with the goals of the OHS and DKR - just look
    at several list recommendations to use some of the current commercial
    groupware offerings in the DKR. Regardless of who is it is, the user
    must be able to easily visualize the overall organization and
    capabilities of the DKR being used. It may be that the repository is
    limited to circulation of only e-mail type content, or it may be capable
    of incorporating the most highly produced interactive multimedia
    hyperdocument types (I call it hypermultimedia), but it is the ease with
    which the user can maintain a image of the organization of the content
    that is important. I might visualize some sort of multidimensional view
    of the DKR nodes for navigation to various information items, and it is
    certainly now possible to provide this in a 3D interface, but this is a
    detail of implementation. The highest goal is to give the users a
    structural reference for the interaction.

    So, I continue to propose staring at the top level and suggest
    organizing the DRK content into three catagories of Experience (data),
    Knowledge (facts), and Learning (information). The main idea is that,
    given time and energy, experience input to the DKR is refined to
    learning which results in Knowledge. Actually using the DKR content,
    which can be defined as Wisdom, happens outside the DKR but results in
    feedback to the DKR. (With thanks to Gene Bellinger and I really do need
    a picture of this, right?) At least this gives a model for using the
    DKR, leaving the details of how these interactions actually take place
    and what techniques they use as topics for further discussions.

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Joe D Williams

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