[unrev-II] Re: Individual slides in zipped files

From: Henry van Eyken (vaneyken@sympatico.ca)
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 14:00:00 PST

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    From: Henry van Eyken <vaneyken@sympatico.ca>

    You will find these Session-8 and Session-9 zipped packages of slides on
    my site as

    http://www.fleabyte.org/08-E.ZIP Engelbart 650Kb
    The above file contains graphic files in .jpg and ASCII text from text
    files in .txt format, which is why the file is relatively small. For
    graphics and text in two-column format, see
    http://www.fleabyte.org/testbed8/test8.html . Because the reception of
    the webcast from Stanford is very fractured where I live, I found it
    most convenient to use two .html pages for my viewing pleasure, to wit,
    BOTH the asynchronous webcast and this file, and alt-tabbing back and
    forth between them. Like to know what people working under similar
    circumstances feel about this. Henry)
    .../08-H.ZIP Hoffmann 574 Kb
    ...08-M.ZIP McEachron 610 Kb
    ...08-S.ZIP Swigart 1539 Kb
    ...09-E.ZIP Engelbart 3863 Kb
    ...09-B.ZIP Brown 421 Kb
    ...09-C.ZIP Carlson 1077 Kb
    ...09-N.ZIP Nelson 1066 Kb

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