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Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 10:04:59 PST

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    I am thinking that the OHS is an interface to the DKR. The DKR provides
    a tool to evolve data to knowledge by cooperative interaction of
    interested contributors. A model for using the DKR is given in the
    illusrtation where the steps are in asending order: Data/Information,
    Experience, Learning, Knowledge, and Wisdom. The topics Experience,
    Learning, and Knowledge are inside the DKR space; the topics
    Data/Information and Wisdom are outside the DKR space,

    The model for interaction starts with data/information being out there
    somewhere outside the DKR. An interested participant organizes this data
    and information in a form suitable for submission to the DKR Experience
    catagory. The DKR uses any associatiive information provided by the
    author along with internal processes to add the new content to the
    appropriate Experience information item node, making it available to all
    users. Over time, contributions of the origninal and other participants
    may develop this content, perhaps by intgrating it wih other related
    experiences, until it becomes an actual lesson. At this point,
    interested participants organize the material for presentation and move
    appropriate content and references to Learning. The Knowledge space in
    the DKR contains those facts that are proven by Experience and Learning.
    This content provides the base to step outside the DKR to exhibit Wisdom
    by actually using the Knowledge to accomplish some goal. Of course the
    result of this is at least some more Data/Information, resulting in more
    Experience and Learning, and possibly Knowledge.

    Importantly, 1. The DKR provides an interface to the OHS, and 2. The
    DKR maintains the master node map for information items and references
    between nodes.

    The above content divisions are only suggestive for purposes of
    specifyig the DKR in terms of some model for users, but they imply
    different levels of content organization and preparation. An experience
    item might be a simple e-mail or newsgroup entry. A Learning topic might
    be a Chemistry lesson, and a Knowlege item might be the Periodic Table
    of the Elements. Since the DKR may be used on a project basis in limited
    information space, the content catagories and requirements can be set by
    the users.

    The OHS uses the DKR interface to provde the browser/contributor access
    to DKR content. Typical use of the OHS might be to view the DKR
    information item node map, interact with an item of interest, contribute
    to the DKR, attempt to accomplish some goal based on knowledge obtained
    using the DKR, then contribute more to the DKR. The outcome might be
    showing the grandkids about this contribution to the DKR. For these
    users the OHS provides the viewing and authoring tools according to the
    approved OHS hyperdocument types.

    Inportantly, the OHS is: 1. View/Interact with DKR content, 2. Able to
    read DKR node map, 3. Able to search DKR, 4. Contribution tools.

    So the DKR and OHS work together with the DKR storing the content and a
    complete and navagable node map to each item, and the OHS providing the
    access to retrieve and contribute content and having an independent
    ability to search DKR content.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks and Best Regards,
    Joe D Williams

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