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From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 21:13:40 PST

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    From: Henry van Eyken <>

    Well, Rod, it seems to me your suggestions ought be considered. I
    believe work is underway to give the Colloquium a proper, permanent form
    for more people to profit from.

    Though he will have to speak for himself, I imagine that Doug himself is
    rather thinly spread, but suppose we could locate people of executive
    and management caliber, the kind who attract peers and who are familiar
    -- or are ready to become familiar -- with the subject matter, and who
    might like to organize themselves as an online community for developing
    a model presentation that then may serve group members in undertaking
    speaking engagements. Maybe the initial nucleus best be found in the
    proximity of the Bootstrap Institute.

    Might there be any intitative in the offing?


    Rod Welch wrote:

    > Henry,
    > Great idea using senior people. It is an expanding resource, and many
    > are wondering what to do before or after golf. How to capture their
    > interest? Maybe Doug can give a talk at some events, or possibly a
    > team can be formed to visit chat sites and put the word out that Doug
    > has an exciting agenda that needs experienced, savvy people. Perhaps a
    > composite Colloquium tape could be prepared showing the big issues
    > Doug is pursuing and his vision for the future. It is a great
    > opportunity.
    > On your cogent concern the other day about reading books, when time
    > permits, you might take a look at how the DKR may bring a partial
    > solution. But, we need more than tools. We need legions of people
    > with your special talent for explaining things in clear, concise
    > language. As you know, it's not easy to capture the record, called
    > out by Doug's reference to Bellinger's work. The DKR should make it
    > more rewarding; but, it can't happen without people. With
    > unemployment at record lows, where can get the right kind of people.
    > You hit a home run on this one. See what you think...
    > Rod
    > Henry van Eyken wrote:
    >> From: "Henry van Eyken" <>
    >> Further in reply to Joe's post and specifically to his comment, "How
    >> about thinking of this 'penetration' just in terms of the motivated
    >> individual involved in a motivated task group" &c.
    >> Am I wrong in thinking that many, well qualified, motivated
    >> individuals ought be found among retired executives? Experienced, no
    >> longer caught up in the rush of things and no longer beholden, the
    >> enjoyment of peer company and, yet, ready to fan out into wider
    >> slice
    >> of society, good listeners, etc. Could't people like these make a
    >> strong force for helping build momentum?
    >> And if I am not wrong, how do we best capture their interest and
    >> commitment? I guess that some people must already have thought of
    >> this; what are their experiences with this track?
    >> Henry
    >> --- In, altintdev@w... wrote:
    >> > How about thinking of this 'penetration' just in terms of the
    >> motovated
    >> > individual involved in a motovated task group with a goal that is
    >> > clearly enough stated so as to occupy the majority of the group's
    >> work
    >> > energy. Now suppose you were able to deliver to this motovated
    >> group a
    >> > tool that can be easily shown to improve the effectivity of each
    >> > individual contribution to the task as well as being leveraged
    >> into
    >> the
    >> > next higher level task.
    >> >
    >> > If the tool is compelling due to its efficiency and convenience,
    >> and has
    >> > (sufficient) permanence, then users will come to the tool. Think
    >> of
    >> the
    >> > technolgy that has been lost becasue the marked-up napkin and some
    >> parts
    >> > of the surrounding and futrue thoughts never made it into the
    >> > repository!
    >> >
    >> > This known, then it becomes necessary to help define this tool by
    >> adding
    >> > detail to the OHS and DKR descriptions.
    >> >
    >> > I just finished reading the newest version of the W3C DOM Level 2.
    >> It
    >> > seems easy for me to see that XML is being designed especially for
    >> > document information items of the nature we wish to use in the
    >> DKR.
    >> > Also, the modern web browser, using the current HTML DOM, gives
    >> > capabilties required for advanced hyperdocument processing.
    >> >
    >> > Best Regards,
    >> > Joe D Williams
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