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Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 07:57:06 PST

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    It is a simple statement, that the DKR provides an interface to the OHS
    and that the OHS provides access to the DKR, but when you talk about
    collaboration between authors, I begin by wanting to specify
    collaboration between the tools the author uses and how the
    realtionships are visualized. For example, the idea that the DKR has
    responsibility for maintaining a complete node map rather than having
    the OHS generate the map is a small step in defining a functional
    relationship between the DRK and OHS. The problems you state about
    maintaining a usefull collaborative environment can lead to
    identification of specific problems and to assignment of certain tasks
    to the DKR, certain tasks to the OHS, and certain tasks to the user.
    For example, the DKR may know that an item is in work but the OHS needs
    to notify the author that other work is going on with the item. In
    simplist terms the DKR may wish to notify all authors working on the
    item and the OHS may have to perform some operation to notify the
    author, then the author may need to do something.

    So, dividing up the project into three areas, the DKR, the OHS, and the
    user may allow us to start specifying the tasks that each part must
    perform. The problem of how to encourage collaboration is very important
    and will require activities from all three components of the system for
    success. First, let's look at the user's responsibilities in a
    collaborative environment then help the user by building some features
    into the DKR and OHS to help.

    Best Regards,
    Joe D Williams

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