Re: [unrev-II] Re: An Extensibility Architecture

From: Paul Fernhout (
Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 06:32:26 PST

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    From: Paul Fernhout <>

    Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > Anyone have any thoughts as to whether casting each
    > instance of a class is better or worse than implementing
    > a "SmallTalk-style" dynamic messaging? Any major
    > advantages one way or the other?

    Smalltalk is far more efficient. Java and C++ are still wrestling with
    solutions to problems that Smalltalk solved optimally a decade ago. Just
    one example -- modern Smalltalk VMs see practically no overhead from
    method lookup because they cache the last used selector lookup for an
    object. This handles 95% of such selector usages.

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