Re: [unrev-II] College Majors.

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Tue Mar 21 2000 - 17:20:34 PST

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    From: Eric Armstrong <>

    Jack Park wrote:

    > Let me add to this from my own personal experience. I agree that
    > mathematics is, in some sense, the center of a vast intellectual
    > universe. To that, I would add (especially in view of an interest in
    > library science) that a rather thorough grounding in those aspects of
    > philosophy that lead to an understanding of the concepts of ontology
    > and epistemology will serve you very well.

    I agree with this and with Henry's emphasis on algorithmic thinking.
    My undergraduate work was in 5 areas: Philosophy, Political Science,
    Psychology, and Systems Theory. (The systems theory courses were spread
    several departments, each of which offered a course or two.) Today,
    there may
    be may well be "knowledge engineering" courses to take, as well.

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