[unrev-II] Knowledge Mgmt. RFI (OMG)

From: Gil Regev (gil.regev@epfl.ch)
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 08:32:55 PST

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    Attached is an RFI from the Object Management Group which shows that they
    are working in the same area as us.

    Knowledge Mgmt. RFI (OMG)
    Status: RFI has been issued; responses pending.

    This OMG Request For Information (RFI) solicits information from the
    Knowledge Management industry on which work priorities within the knowledge
    management services infrastructure area should be agreed and set. The idea
    with these questions is to identify which among them need to be answered for
    the industry to effectively move forward. In addition, initial answers to
    the questions seen as key by the respondents are sought.

    Knowledge Management RFI

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