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Date: Sun Mar 26 2000 - 18:16:19 PST

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    Adam Cheyer serves as director of the Advanced Products and Research group
    at VerticalNet, Inc. Previously, Adam was a Sr. Computer Scientist in SRI
    International's Artificial Intelligence Center (since 1993). He is the
    chief architect of the Open Agent Architecture (OAA), a framework for
    integrating a community of software agents in a distributed environment.
    Within the context of multiagent systems, Adam has authored more than forty
    scientific publications, and developed fifteen distributed applications in
    various domains. Adam also founded and helped lead SRI's Computer Human
    Interaction Center (CHIC!), a group of multidisciplinary researchers
    focusing on advanced user interfaces. Adam has degrees in Artificial
    Intelligence from the University of California at Los Angeles and Brandeis
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      Guest speakers at the recent Coloquium, who have not yet supplied
      Peter Yim with a biography, are invited to e-mail me a biographic
      sketch of about 100 words. This might include a link to a more
      comprehensive bio and/or work engaged in.




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