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Date: Mon Mar 27 2000 - 12:29:26 PST

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    From: Joseph Zitt <>

    On Mon, Mar 27, 2000 at 12:48:29PM -0600, Jon Winters wrote:
    > Years later I learned that one of my supervisors was a MUD addict. I
    > spent some time with him trying to learn what was so compelling that he
    > would spend 4+ hours every day at work MUDding. For him it was part of
    > his reality.
    > Its an interesting topic. We considered them freakish back 1993. Years
    > from now it might be perfectly normal to spend the majority of your day
    > interacting with others in cyberspace. (in realtime, not email or web)

    I'm on a MOO when at work, since coworkers (including my boss) and
    others hang out there -- in fact, it's the most effective way to find

    The conversation on the MOO is quite weird -- much of it is violent and
    grotesquely sexual (in a fun sense), yet it's where a lot of work gets
    done. Right now, in the window next to this, we're simultaneously
    figuring out authentication on one of our Apache servers, working out
    the arrangement of a techno track and... uh... something else
    involving disembodied heads and 50 foot genitalia that I'd be loth to
    describe even if I could. Not yer usual corporate environment, but it

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