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From: Rod Welch (
Date: Fri Mar 31 2000 - 15:24:29 PST

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    I agree with Gelernter that innovation will overtake Microsoft, at least
    with respect to wordprocessing as a limited paradigm for generating
    "information." Integrating time and information, discussed in POIMS,
    lifts alphabet technology on the cognitive scale to provide knowledge,
    something that wordprocessing, email, cell phones, dialog, et al, cannot
    accomplish. The effort begins with defining knowledge and intelligence
    in a way that technology can augment. This is not a familiar, nor fun,
    topic because the human mind uses an innate intelligence process to
    generate knowledge without conscious effort, so it is hidden, and
    therefore seems mysterious, and for some out of bounds for discussion,
    like talking about the soul and religion. But, when your peel it all
    away, it is just another process that can be leveraged, like a car
    leverages our muscles to carry more groceries from the store.

    With respect to improving medical practice, this will be a growing
    opportunity for Doug's DKR to solve over the next 20 - 30 years, as
    explained in analysis on 990924.


    Jack Park wrote:

    > While thinking about the OHS/DKR project, I happened to return to
    > David Gelernter's web page http://lifestreams.comFrom there I went
    > to: This
    > page is Gelernter's view of the future of Microsoft. Seems to me a
    > worth read for everyone. Jack
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