RE: [unrev-II] Lifestreams

From: Bill Bearden (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 09:04:38 PDT

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    DKR = [Recorded Dialog] + [Outside Intelligence] + [Knowledge Product]

    A journal isn't really a "dialog", I guess. But I would think my personal
    DKR would include my journal. Perhaps it wouldn't all be published to the
    world as Rod's is. And it might not look exactly like Rod's does. But it
    seems to me that Rod is on the right track as far as personal
    information/knowledge goes. Who among us is doing anything as sophisticated?
    (a rhetorical question, not a challenge :-)

         An early question derived from this observation is this: do we want to
    capture personal journals in the DKR?


        <more snippage>

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