[unrev-II] Thinking about Use Cases

From: Jack Park (jackpark@verticalnet.com)
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 10:00:10 PDT

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    This site:

    introduces what is becoming a standard approach to design: design patterns. In this case, the design pattern for setting up a web page is discussed. It has a particularly interesting approach to the display of use cases. It may be that what we need to do is to build a web page -- or series of pages -- with these types of diagrams such that we can then use this email list to discuss and cause revisions to be made to those illustrated use cases. Indeed, the entire design pattern discussed on that page is one we will likely fold into our OHS thinking.

    It is my view that we must, quite literally, define what it is that Version 0.1 of the OHS and DKR should be capable of doing. Using Use Cases is, IMO, an appropriate approach. Use Cases will then allow us to derive those design requirements necessary to begin the design of software and data structures.

    Further, it does make sense to jump into a particular aspect of the entire system, the region concerned with transcoding. That functionality is rather critical to the overall vision Doug has presented, and working on it will give rise to many of the Use Cases we will eventually need. Doug has suggested WBI (IBM alphaworks) as a candidate. I have downloaded it and agree with Doug and Adam that WBI ("webby") has both merit and potential.


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