[unrev-II] Vector addition 1

From: Doug Engelbart - Bootstrap Institute (doug@bootstrap.org)
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 16:07:00 PDT

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    After thoughts -- added to the earlier "vector" message. Photocopies of both
    message contents were distributed at the Thursday meeting.

    4. For miscellaneous target files which aren't expected to have hierarchical
    structure, or at least don't have useable algorithmic definitio of such ...

       Consider transcoded assigment of sequential labelling: aa, ab, ac, ..., az,
       ba, bb, bc, ..., bz, ........., za, zb, ... zz (26^2, that ought to be

       The assumption being that they may be of mixed apparent levels, but the
       labelling merely indicates sequence of appearance and not any relative
       structural relationships.

    5. Non-Link Jumps: Suppose that a click in a given paragraph, not on an
    embedded link, would hoist that paragraph to the top of the window.

    6. Same file in multiple windows -- no real limit there -- allowing different
    positioning and differnet viewing portrayals of a given file.

       Any legal edit operation executed in one window reflected accurately and
       immediately in all other of that file's portrayal windows.

    7. Double-click Jumps

       First click indicates what jump is desired; second click can be in any other
       window, indicating where the jump-result view is to be portrayed. Whatever
       viewing spec already established in the target window will also prevail when
       the jumped-to file/location is portrayed there.

       Also, in the interval between clicks, character input could indicate the new
       viewing spec if user desires something different from what is currently set
       for the target window.

       For instance: Window 1 could be relatively narrow, with view spec set for
       small font and only first line of each paragraph portrayed; Window 2 wider,
       with larger, more-readable font and full-paragraph portrayal.

    8. Syntax-controlled viewing options: Portrayal options could depend upon
    smart parsing of sentences. Users could learn how to improve scanning speed
    and/or study comprehension and speed by omitting some syntactic elements,
    and/or selectively highlighting with brightness, sizing, bolding, italicizing,
    blinking and/or coloring differentiation.

    9. Symbiotic partnernering and practicising with agents can quickly shift the
    portrayal parameters and "policies" for increased scanning/studying as adapted
    for specific search or understanding needs.

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