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From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 15:13:37 PDT

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    Just found this, written by Bob Bryant
    at http://www.recumbentcyclistnews.com/pages/sample1.html

    "I have at least one bike set up so that I can ride in street clothes. A
    few years ago I might have assumed that a cyclist dressed in street
    clothes was a rookie or not so serious cyclist. In reality, they may be
    the most serious kind. They are the commuters, cycle tourists and
    car-free bicycle enthusiasts who have made cycling a useful part of
    their lives—not just a leisure activity."

    I love that thought. I wish my day and activities were close enough
    together to make that practical, but I love the thought.

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