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Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 19:06:31 PDT

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    Good thoughts, Paul.

    I was struck by the notion that a decentralized web-based DKR would
    itself create a very real interdependence.

    Another thought: Since evaluations are central to a knowledge
    repository, a world-wide DKR could instantly gather opinions on every
    new product, technology, or company. Non-cooperative participants might
    be weeded out very fast, in such a setting.

    That might end arms races rather quickly, as the "tipping scales"
    phenomenon creates relatively instantaneous virtual monopolies for the
    "best of breed" competitors.

      Space stations might well provide the means for repopulating the
      earth after the big comet. The major unsolved problem, as I see
      it, is passing down an accurate historical record to technologically
      illiterate civilizations that the survivors will inevitably
      devolve into before climbing back up the technological ladder.
      The result, I suspect, will give us something like Noah's Ark
      legends of myths of ancient "Gods" that become stories, no longer
      understood for what they are, but reinterpreted as allegories or
      changed in ways that conform with the listener's reality.

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