Re: [unrev-II] Combined-Response Messages

From: Eric Armstrong (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 16:49:06 PDT

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    This is one of those cases that cuts across all the scenarios.
    The idea is that "responding" to a document is now the moral
    equivalent of editing it. The difference is that your edits
    are always additions, they are always indented, and they show
    you as their author.

    However, your responses are not sent one-at-a-time. That lets
    you go back to change your initial comments when you read
    farther along. The ease of doing that creates not just a
    quantitative improvement in time/money spent on revisions, but
    also produces a qualitative change in the way we think about
    working on documents.

    Measurements are notoriously difficult to make on such "paradigm
    shifts". Like email vs. snail mail, the change in work habits
    produces effects that are orders of magnitude greater than the
    comparisons between postage stamps and transmission times.

    Rod Welch wrote:
    > Eric,
    > Provide a use case scenario for this application. Is it for the
    > narrow case of lawyers working on a brief or contract, or engineers
    > preparing a specification? How much time and money can be saved by
    > improving existing methods?
    > Rod
    > Eric Armstrong wrote:
    > > A hierarchical document/message is received.
    > > Multiple comments are made on it, each of
    > > which appears in the local hierarchy view.
    > >
    > > When you are done revising all of the comments
    > > you wish to make, a single SEND operation
    > > sends them back to the server or recipient-list,
    > > depending on the model.
    > >
    > > The document that goes out is tagged as a
    > > "difference" document. It contains pointers
    > > to all the nodes that are to receive the
    > > comments, and the comment-structure for
    > > each node.
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