[unrev-II] Two Open-Source Activities: BeOpen.Com and Collab.Net

From: Doug Engelbart - Bootstrap Institute (doug@bootstrap.org)
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 13:41:00 PDT

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    BEOPEN.COM: Just learned about this last saturday: new, for-profit enterprise,
    but totally oriented to facilitation of open-source software. Its founder is a
    long-time acquaintance of mine, Bob Weiner -- who also is an old friend of
    Chris Nuzum. Very ineresting business plan.


       NOTE: They are having a sort of business-launch reception tonight, from
       6:30, at their office suite:: 160 Saratoga Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051 /
       (408) 985-4700

    COLLAB.NET: Founded in the past five months, by Brian Behlendorf and the
    O'Reilly and Associates. Apparently has very explicit and direct endorsement
    by hp.


     FYI, Doug

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