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Date: Mon Apr 24 2000 - 22:55:50 PDT

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    v.2: Two items added
    These are efforts engaged in the production of
    software to assist the process of remote collaboration
    to define a problem, investigate alternatives, make
    decisions, and design a solution. The many entries here
    point to the fact that this an idea whose time has come
    -- the technology has matured to the point that solutions
    are feasible, while the need has never been greater.

    The corrolary is that the development of a new industry
    is imminent -- either haphazardly as a result of
    individual efforts, or via common standards. (Perhaps this
    September's Collaborative Virtual Environments Conference
    have an impact on that: http://www.ai.sri.com/cve2000/.)

    If nothing else, one or more of these systems should
    be pressed into use to replace email as a discussion tool.
    [Many thanks to Paul Fernhout, who supplied the large
    number of entries that make up the second half of this
    list, as well as the other unrev-II contributors.]

    My List
    Bootstrap Project
    A forming startup currently meeting at SRI.

    Foresight Org
    Intermediary backlink-managment system (Crit) for HTML
    pages. Currently investigating follow-on opportunities.

    Ka-Ping Yee
    Graduate student project on email-based system. (Ping
    was one of the primary developers of Crit.)

    A collaborative journaling and thought-organizing tool.

    Part of Berkeley's Wireless Reseach Center (BWRC). An open-source
    project for web-based collaboration and datasharing tools. [Jack Park]

    Began an effort in this direction, realized it was outside their
    area of expertise, but have motivation, experience, and insights
    into the organizational impediments to adoption.

    For-profit enterprise, but totally oriented to facilitation of
    open-source software. Very ineresting business plan. [Doug Englebart]

    Collaborative Virtual Workspace
    An office automation environment that enables people to converse,
    collaborate, and interact regardless of their geographic location.
    [John Deneen]

    (Couldn't find an entry for this... [Bob Weiner]

    Founded in the past five months, by Brian Behlendorf with
    O'Reilly and Associates. Apparently has very explicit and direct
    endorsement by hp. [Doug Englebart]

    Xerox Efforts
    Three efforts underway in this space: [John Deneen]
    * Coordination Technologies
    * Multilingual Document Management Process

    Collaborative email/HTML (Berekely startup)

    This link gets redirected to a form that wants a lot of
    information before you can get anywhere.

    Something fairly interesting...
      --somewhat interesting

    By the National Computational Science Alliance (NCSA).
    Freely downloadable from
    --"The Habanero framework or API is designed to give developers
    the tools they need to create collaborative Java applications.
    The framework provides the necessary methods to create or
    transition existing applications and applets into collaborative
    --"...provides the necessary environment to create collaborative
    work environments and virtual communities. The environment
    includes a server that hosts sessions and a client that
    interacts with sessions..."
    --From the tools page:
    "Habanero applications or Hablets ... can be built from scratch or
    transitioned from existing Java applications and applets. We ... have
    created a reposotory for the tools with a dynamic installation tool."
    --Existing tools include a whiteboard, a web browser, a voting tool,
    chat, audio chat, and something called mpEdit, in addition to their
    "clip-N-ship" bit that downloads and installs a tool.

    Web-based, integrated-mail, meeting/proj mgt tool [John Deneen]

    Paul Fernhout's List of Open Source Candidates
    (The notes in this section are Paul's slightly condensed.)

    A web application server with support for collaboration
    (newsgroups, chat, portal, weblog, document storage, etc.).

    ArsDigita Community System -- here now and works well (w/ TCL,
    AOLServer, Oracle) ArsDigita is a growing consulting company
    funded by itself.

    Zope web application server -- here now and works well (w/Python)
    Has a great security model for multiple users developing in
    browsers. Zope's creator (DigiCool) is vaguely venture capital
    supported (I don't know how much) and will provide consulting
    services on Zope.

    Collaborative Virtual Workspace -- here now (w/Java and TK, MOO,
    location paradigm)

    Enhydra -- Java/XML based web application server
    Being buzzword compliant, these people just got a total of
    $15 million as investments.

    Midgard -- PHP based web application server
    (PHP's syntax is C/Perl-ish)

    Wikis (user editable web pages) and some remote screen collaboration.
    Squeak -- almost here now i.e. bleeding edge (w/Smalltalk). This is
    the system I am at the moment strongly considering for my own work,
    with Zope as a second choice for content that needs to be up today.

    Other neat collaborative information systems
    [Sasha Chislenko <sasha1@netcom.com>]
    >--How a research paper citation index should be done!
    >--Neat little collaborative knowledge sharing application.
    >--Unfortunately, it is only for the Macintosh computer. :-(

    Other Sources of Information
    These are the organizers of the Collaborative Virtual Environments
    Conference (CVE2000):
      * Elizabeth F. Churchill
        FX Palo Alto Lab
        3400 Hillview Ave., Bldg. 4
        Palo Alto, CA 94304
        tel: +1 650-813-7024

      * Martin Reddy
        SRI International
        333 Ravenswood Avenue
        Menlo Park, CA 94025.
        tel: +1 650-859-6468

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