[unrev-II] Jack Park's "10 Step" Program

From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 17:58:40 PDT

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    To redress the balance, here were Jack's 10 steps,
    derived from the ISO9000 program:

    1. Descriptive Discussion
    2. Preliminary Requirements
    3. Use Cases
    4. Scenarios
    5. Requirements Refinement
    6. Category Level Design
    7. Class Level Design
    8. Dynamic Interaction Design
    9. Coding
    10. Testing

    Now, to be fair, this is a waterfall model. So we're going
    to find ourselves bouncing all over the place. But it may
    well be that we can focus our *meetings* as though the
    process were actually linear.

    As I recall previous discussions, Jack volunteered that
    Doug had provided #1, and my requirements document made
    a first cut at #2. That made use cases / scenarios the
    next important part of the process, where I have been
    endeavoring to focus attention.

    I am not sure where the WBI proposal fits into this
    framework, but I suspect it is somewhere between item 6
    and 7. I'm not sure what "Category Level Design" is.
    (Jack, can you elaborate on that one?) And I don't see
    a heading for Architectural Design -- I suppose that
    could be subsumed under Class Level Design, although I
    tend to think of it the other way round. (Jack: Can you
    comment on that? Or maybe the explanation of Category
    Level Design will clean things up...)

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