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Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 19:06:53 PDT

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    Right, we are early on this, but the DTD or a more extensive schema
    (coming soon) defines the parent-child relationships of the tags, and
    you are right, the tags can be nested as deeply as needed - that is XML.
    Basically there are block and inline components or information items.
    The document tree can be any depth, you define it to be. Each path
    terminates in content and/or an empty tag. An html example might be:


    In the example I used DKRid as the name of a tag because that is
    probably what we will need to do in order to set the DKR contents in a
    particular namespace. In fact, each DKR will probably have its own
    personel namespace and its own set of custom tags essentially defined by
    the user(s).

    In the example DKR config I have been discussing, a top level item might
    have the tage:

    <DRKid category'='knowledge'...>content</DKRid>

    where content may be a complete html document.

    Best Regards,

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