Re: [unrev-II] WBI cross platform?

From: John J. Deneen (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 21:28:59 PDT

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    WBI References:

    1) Use Cases
    Intermediaries: An approach to manipulating information streams

    2) Adaptive Communities and Web Places

    3) IBM Transcoding Technology: Architecture

    4) Limitations of the WBI Architecture
    Intermediary-based Transcoding Framework

       "Though general, our transcoding architecture has several
    limitations. Among these are (a) that the language used by transcoders
    to express their capabilities is somewhat oversimplified, and (b) that
    the system's correct operation depends on cooperation among the
    transcoders in setting the properties of the input and output formats.
    First, it is cumbersome for a transcoder to express that it cannot
    accept input with certain combinations of properties. When a transcoder
    lists several property-value pairs in a single advertisement, they
    represent a conjunction of properties. To express the notion of
    disjunction, the properties must be listed in separate advertisements.
    Consider a property P that can take on three values "a", "b", or "c",
    and a transcoder T that can accept input with P equal to "a" or "b" but
    not "c". The only way to express this is to list all of T's other input
    format restrictions twice, once with the additional input property (P,
    "a"), and once with the additional input property (P, "b"). If a
    transcoder has several restrictions like this on its input, the list of
    advertised capabilities will quickly become long and unwieldy.

       The second limitation of our transcoding framework is that the
    usefulness of the system as a whole depends on the judicious and correct
    use by transcoder authors of properties in the input and output formats
    they advertise. If different transcoders use properties in different
    ways, or have different policies with respect to when properties should
    be specified in formats, the system will not function effectively. For
    example, consider the type "application/xscript" which has three
    different "levels", "1", "2", and "3". One transcoder might understand
    all three levels of xscript, and never make any mention of "level" in
    its capabilities advertisement. Another transcoder might only understand
    levels 1 and 2, and thus advertises that it can accept
    "application/xscript" input with the property ("Level", "1") or
    ("Level", "2"). These two transcoders could not work together
    effectively on xscript documents, because the output produced by the
    first transcoder does not specify "Level" at all, and therefore cannot
    be used as input to the second transcoder."

    Other links:
    How to build modeling agents to support web searchers.

    WBI Programming Tutorial. Available as

    "John J. Deneen" wrote:

    > Ref.
    > IBM's WBI Transcoding Technology is currently being used to:
    > * Deliver banking applications and services to WAP phones in
    > Sweden. Handelsbanken, the largest Nordic bank, is using
    > transcoding to extend its Internet banking service to a variety
    > of mobile devices. The IBM Transcoding Technology transforms XML
    > information into WML for presentation on WAP-enabled devices. In
    > the first phase, market and personal stock information from the
    > Web will be delivered via Nokia's and Ericssonīs new WAP-enabled
    > smart media phones. Beginning early next year, the bank will roll
    > out the interactive piece of the service, which will allow
    > customers to access more information, like account overviews and
    > balances, as well as actually initiate transactions, like
    > transferring money and buying stocks.
    > * Trade shares using mobile phones in Singapore. Fraser Securities
    > in Singapore is teaming with SingTel Mobile, MacroVision Systems,
    > and IBM to enable mobile e-trading. Mobile phone users can buy
    > and sell stocks, cancel and amend orders, and receive stock price
    > and volume alerts. The IBM Transcoding Technology converts data
    > to WML format for transmission over SingTel Mobile’s wireless GSM
    > digital network. Initially, the service is available on the
    > Motorola V3688 mobile phone.
    > * Manage finances over mobile phones in Spain. Banesto Bank, a
    > leading Spanish bank, is using IBM Transcoding Technology to let
    > customers manage their personal account information and buy and
    > sell stocks and shares using WAP-enabled smart phones.
    > * Allow travelers to initiate flight changes and receive updates
    > from airlines anywhere, anytime. The SABRE Group, IBM, and Nokia
    > are collaborating to provide travel-related information to
    > WAP-enabled devices, such as Nokia's 7110 WAP phone. The IBM
    > Transcoding Technology transforms XML information into WML so it
    > can be presented on the device. Because there may be more data
    > than can be displayed on one screen, it is converted into a
    > series of screens, analogous to a deck of cards. The user can
    > scroll through these to access all the information in a
    > meaningful way.
    > "John J. Deneen" wrote:
    >> Ref.
    >> Most of the problems we've had with running WBI under Linux have
    >> been due to the
    >> JVM. My first guess would be that the JDK 1.2 that you are using has
    >> some bugs.
    >> We have successfully run WBI under the following configurations:
    >> Stampede Linux 0.89 using JDK1.1.6 from Blackdown
    >> (I used the glibc-based version;
    >> JDK1.1.7 did not work when I tried it in March;
    >> JDK1.2 was also very buggy at the time)
    >> Red Hat Linux 6.0 using JDK1.1.7 v3 from Blackdown
    >> (again using the glibc-based version)
    >> Red Hat Linux 6.0 using JDK1.1.6 from IBM
    >> The Blackdown JDK can be downloaded from
    >> and the IBM
    >> JDK can be downloaded from
    >> Please try using one of these earlier (and hopefully more reliable)
    >> JVMs and let
    >> us know how it works out.
    >> Rob Barrett
    >> TeamWBI
    >> IBM Almaden Research Center
    >> Jack Park wrote:
    >> > WBI, at least on the one I installed, uses a dll for something.
    >> WBI is not
    >> > without its problems in relation to our project. For the moment,
    >> at least
    >> > some of us are developing with it as a means to assist Doug in an
    >> > exploration of the technology.
    >> >
    >> > In the long run, something along the lines of IBM's DirectDom
    >> (weblet) may
    >> > allow us to mangle the document without the use of XSL of other
    >> transform
    >> > engine. The Enhydra server appears to allow for the same
    >> manipulation of the
    >> > document as DirectDom does, and there is a new initiative called
    >> JDom from
    >> > Jason Hunter et al -- I suspect it is to be presented in a new
    >> O'Rielly book
    >> > on Java and XML coming soon. In short, the whole idea of
    >> transcoding is to
    >> > take the document object model containing some document's
    >> information and
    >> > mutate it to suit. XSL does this by using re-write productions
    >> (rules).
    >> >
    >> > I suspect IBM will soon have to have a Linux version, if they
    >> don't already.
    >> >
    >> > From: Jon Winters <>
    >> >
    >> > >
    >> > > Hi,
    >> > >
    >> > > I am at the alphaworks site now looking for a copy of WBI and I
    >> only see
    >> > > versions for Windows 95/NT and OS/2.
    >> > >
    >> > > Is there a Linux or possibly Java version? Am I looking in the
    >> wrong
    >> > > place.
    >> >
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