Re: [unrev-II] Re: Towards an atomic data structure

From: Sandy Klausner (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 15:04:23 PDT

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    > The clear text
    > is parsed into a collection of linked character nodes, while one or
    > more composite structure processors maintain position and range links
    > into the clear text collection. Each processor may have specialized
    > behavior to analyze and hold semantic information on format,
    > organization, navigation, narrative, reference, graphic control,
    > publication, and filters.
    Can you give a short example that shows one or more of these, and how
    they would work together? What are narrative, reference, and graphic
    control semantic information, anyway? What happens when you change one
    set of external links? For example if you change the organization, what
    happens to to the others?

    Let me clarify this text processor classifcation a little further. Any
    particular unit of content can have one of a number of characteristics that
    we can group into several categories: format, organization, navigation,
    narrative, reference, and metadata:
    Format obviously is the way the text looks.
    Organization is the way content is grouped into coherent units.
    Navigation is text that acts as finding aids -- tables of contents,
    indices, and the like.
    Narrative is content-bearing structures; paragraphs, lists, tables, etc.
    Reference is text that acts as a gateway to other, related content.
    Metadata is like the Z-axis of your documents. It is the information in
    of or behind the words on display that makes it possible for your to exploit
    content in novel and sophisticated ways. For example, metadata about a
    publication can be used to automate assembly and publishing. Metadata about
    graphics can allow the print product to use full-page TIFF images while the
    site uses the thumbnail JPEGs linked to a full-sized images.
    The issues of changes to a set of external links and internal clear text
    edits are related. I will take more time to explain clearly (perhaps even by
    using some pictures) as to how the Cubicon architecture manages these type
    of dynamic changes to a composite data structure.
    Sandy Klausner

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