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From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 14:52:16 PDT

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    The remainder of yesterday's meeting was devoted
    to the "WBI Vector".

    Doug started out by offering a new vision:
      His model system has always been divided into
      three components:
        * Recording dialog
        * Gathering intelligence
        * "State of the system" summary, or "handbook".

    Along those lines, he proposed building a "Guide to
    Running NICs" to be monitored/edited by Su-Ling Yee.
    The idea is that we will add information to this
    knowledge base, Su-Ling will look for contradictions
    and prod contributors, and we will grow the knowledge
    repository's capabilities as we use it for this purpose.

    In the latter stages of the meeting, Jack Park gave a
    report on WBI and drew an example architecture showing
    how a system would use it. (WBI would reside on a server
    -- either the target server or an intermediate server --
    and do the translations into "referencable form" and
    manage the user's view selections.)

    He also suggested that a possible architecture in the
    form of a three-tier server:
      * Server -- used to run...
      * Servlet -- runs on the server, gets HTML pages from...
      * WBI -- converts arbitrary HTML pages or Augment pages
               into referencable/viewable form

    In addition to WBI, Jack pointed to Mozilla, DirectDOM
    (nee Weblets), and JDOM as other possible intermediary
    devices. Mozilla and DirectDOM allow for browser-resident
    agents that manipulated the Document Object Model (DOM)
    that underlies the displayed HTML. JDOM is a mechanism
    put together by Jason Hunter and company that makes XML
    processing transparent to a Java application and which,
    like the Python EasySAX project, allows the program to
    manipulate a "persistent DOM" -- a DOM resident on disk,
    perhaps in a database repository, so that the entire DOM
    need not be resident in memory all at one time.

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