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From: Eric Armstrong (eric.armstrong@eng.sun.com)
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 19:27:13 PDT

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    Financial Incentives
    One of the ways we are unique is that we financially give back to
    contributors on revenue earned on both our projects. Revenue on open
    source may come from sponsorship; while revenue on community source
    projects comes in the way of license fees.

    Web-based Scheduling Calendar. (in design)

    New Projects
    ...If you are a developer who has an idea for a project or have a
    partially completed project and have time to contribute let us know.
    Soon we'll have a for(u)m where you can create a project.
    ...If you would like to source a community of Java developers in
    developing a new project, our community hosting at jOutsource.com might
    be ideal for you. New projects can be open source, community or closed
    depending on your needs.

    Expresso Framework
    ...Expresso is a library of components for creating dynamic and
    highly interactive web-based thin-client applications. Benefits include
    reduced project cost and time to production.
    ...Expresso is a next-generation tool for developing and deploying
    dynamic applications which resemble current desktop applications
    much more than they resemble Internet technology.

    eForum Description
    "Online discussion groups, or forums, allow geographically distant
    participants to share ideas. The Discussion Forum enhances teamwork and
    discussion groups.

    "Through forums, project managers can manage feedback or project
    discussions, and can display interactive Q&A tools.
    The intent is that it can be used for feeding a FAQ.

    "With messages stored in a database, and classified by topic,
    it is capable of building a powerful knowledge base.

    "This is an ideal project to tie into the Search Engine component to
    quickly find information need by searching by keywords, topics, titles,
    authors’ names, descriptions and other criteria.

    "Use the eForum to manage community interest groups...

    "allows you to build an unlimited number of forums....

    "Multi-Level Forums
    "The Forum components support Groups, Threads within Groups, and
    Messages within a Thread. Groups can also have multipurpose "attributes"
    assigned, so that custom types of groups can be supported.

    "Email Support
    "Email interaction (e.g. posting to the forum and forwarding from the
    forum to email addresses) is supported.

    It doesn't have Slashdot's evaluation procedures.

    Was the salesman clueless? Productopia has the answers.

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