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Date: Sat Apr 29 2000 - 12:22:52 PDT

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    re: build a boat that will work in the tidepools...

    Eric, I applaude your statement of intent. Great choice and I hope that
    I can contribute in this effort.

    I am working on what is titled the DKR Specification to fulfill one of
    Doug's current_priorities.html request. The OHS and DKR must share a
    special interface that makes it easy for the collaborator to interact
    with individual information items - as well as with categories and
    groups and topics of interactive multimedia information items and other
    colaborators and practically any structural organization and
    reorganization the user or set of users wishes to suggest for
    convenience, and interface with other DKRs, in real time, error-free
    (meaning it must never damage the DKR). Part of the interface
    requirement is simply the ability to search, present, manipulate and
    submit any 'legal' information item. Another is to be able to navigate
    uisng the DKR internal node map.

    To make it easy on the OHS, I suggest that the DKR formally adopt the
    intent to support (and maybe lead in area(s) to be explored) the W3C XML
    and related recommendations. At this point this means considering up to
    and including DOM Level 3. This lets you know right now that you are
    dealing with latest and greatest XML/DOM/Schema/XSLT/ECMA/ISO (let;s
    make a good list) technologies which are likely to be supported by open
    standards implementations. I would hope that this would certainly give
    you the best and richest base to hack from.

    Best Regards,
    Joe D Williams

    Alternative Interface Devices.
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