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From: Jack Park (
Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 07:28:50 PDT

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    Thank you for calling this to our attention. Would you care to honor us
    with your view of reality, or is that all you have to say on the matter?
    Jack Park

    From: <>
    I have been a lurker on the unrev-11 listserv, after realizing that my
    administrative duties would prevent me from participating fully in the the
    on-line colloquium. Today, however, I could not resist responding to the
    posting by Henry. I've never before seen such tautology, and as I read it
    aloud to my husband, we roared with laughter. Henry's was truly an
    excellent "tongue-in-cheek" treatise, reinforcing the stereotype of
    academics with too much time on their hands who overanalyze and obscure the
    meaning of even the simplest concepts. Thank you for providing such

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