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From: John J. Deneen (JJDeneen@ricochet.net)
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 13:11:57 PDT

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    1) The Buckman Laboratories website for Knowledge Management.
    Our goal is to establish a resource to help people learn about knowledge
    management. Our audience is not only our customers and our associates
    within Buckman Laboratories, but also the worldwide knowledge management
    community - practitioners, newcomers, academics, students, and thinkers.


    2) The Applied Knowledge Group
    Secure virtual teaming on the Internet
    NetSystem® is an integrated system of Internet-based collaborative tools
    that enables the secure "virtual" electronic interaction of work teams.
    NetSystem® implements a dynamic, virtual workspace which facilitates
    rapid communication and decision making; electronic document sharing,
    review, searching and authoring; issue identification and conflict
    resolution; user surveying and balloting; and real-time web content

     The NetSystem® suite of tools includes:

    NetForum® a web-based framework that implements Internet-based "virtual"
    collaboration spaces. These tools work on a different time, different
    place paradigm. It is a highly flexible and dynamic environment which
    can be easily customized to the user's specific application. It
    implements, stores and organizes new group-like conversations;
    Moderator, Facilitator and consensus evaluation tools are available.

    NetLibrary® an Internet-based document reference library tool that
    implements secure document upload/download, document translation to
    Internet format (HTML), document review and approval (addition to
    viewable library), automated indexing and document search support and
    library archiving.

    NetDocument® an Internet-based secure document review software system
    that enables "virtual" teams of reviewers to interactively share on-line
    documentation and electronically review and submit comments on selected
    portions of those documents. NetDoc® allows reviewers to associate
    position icons with reviewer comments and implements a formal issue
    identification and
    resolution process within that review which can be used to generate
    issue resolution matrix reports.

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