[unrev-II] Eugene and Paul...

From: Bill Bearden (BBearden@BCL.net)
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 08:50:57 PDT

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    So Eugene and Paul, when will your respective, proposed systems be complete?

    But seriously...

    Eugene, you describe a system that allows you to record notes, links, and
    summaries of things you read. Your system links not just textual content but
    people and schedules.

    And Paul, you describe a system that allows the user to compose, version,
    and publish content. And one way the system communicates with other people
    is via email.


    Recorded Dialog + External Intelligence + Knowledge Product = "where we are

    Smarter email-based discussion + smarter links + articles, summaries, other
    documents = "close?"

    Beefed up email handles the discussion. Links could be gleaned from that
    discussion. Summaries, interpretations, criticisms, faqs, categorizations,
    etc are created. These documents may remain personal (local) or be submitted
    for publication on a central HTTP server. The public part of the discussion
    will also be published (Slashdot-style, if you want) on the HTTP server.

    All pretty obvious. All pretty high level.

    It leads me to believe we need better email-based discussion.

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