Re: [unrev-II] Re: Intel's new XML network devices

From: Henry van Eyken (
Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 15:38:38 PDT

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    You have your mind and your heart in the right place, Eric!

    Wish I were able to add a solution to the comment just made. And when I see
    two Internet booksellers fighting over a patent on a mouse-click, I can


    Eric Armstrong wrote:

    > As a species, I am beginning to wonder if we are capable
    > of surviving. Several people have interesting proprietary
    > work they want to pursue. I want to be investigating and
    > working in this space more than anything, but no one is
    > funding any of us.
    > Meanwhile, no one wants to give anything away, because their
    > only hope for having the freedom to pursue the paths that
    > need pursuing is to garner revenue for the purpose. (Even
    > when we *do* share, it's harder than hell to reach agreement
    > on anything.)
    > Doug is adamant that open source is the only way to go. He's
    > right, but where does that leave us? At SRI they are talking
    > about setting up an open source base technology, and building
    > revenue-producing IP on top of that. I was one of the first to
    > say, hey, if someone is going to start generating revenue,
    > where is mine going to come from? As much as I freely
    > contribute design ideas at this stage, as soon as we started
    > talking about a tangible product, I felt myself shifting gears,
    > looking for my advantage. But do we have time for that?
    > I guess my point is: If the problems we face really are that
    > pressing, and we as a society cannot identify and free up the
    > brains that are capable of finding a solution, then there is
    > strong possibility that the solutions won't attive in time.
    > Meanwhile, those of us who have something to contribute find
    > ourselves lacking either time to do what needs to be done,
    > or financial incentive to contribute what amounts to our hope
    > for the future (personal future, that is).
    > So the question remains: Are we, as a species, in fact capable
    > of surviving? Or do personal and societal short-sightedness
    > make it unlikely?
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