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Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 10:57:48 PDT

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    RE: Open Source Funding

    Good Morning Silicon Valley, Tuesday May 9, 2000
    Paragraph on Red Hat's forming Red Hat Ventures to fund
    open source software and Internet infrastructure
    technology. The division will take stakes in the rage of
    $500K to $2M in companies specializing in such open source
    software and Internet infrastructure technology.

    John P., editor of GMSV comments: "Odd, given the fact
    that the company recently scaled back its plans to develop
    the open-source destination site Wide Open News."

    Gayin Linx
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    Eugene Eric Kim wrote:
    > A few comments:
    > 1. Open source funding. I can totally understand how it is to agonize
    > over doing something because it's right versus doing something for
    > survival. Ultimately, people who do open source software (or any similar
    > sort of societal contributions) are conscious of the tradeoffs. One
    > important phenomenon with open source software right now is that ways to
    > contribute without completely sacrificing monetary rewards are becoming
    > more apparent.
    > 2. Funding for the OHS. The general climate for obtaining funding for the
    > OHS seems more appropriate then it did in years past. There are also
    > alternative ways of obtaining funding that haven't been adequately
    > explored, but that Doug has been more than open to discussing. There are
    > obviously no guarantees, especially when you're depending on so much
    > voluntary time, but there have been some efforts in this direction, so
    > let's wait and see what happens.
    > I personally don't think that funding will be necessary to get an initial
    > version of the OHS out and ready for bootstrapping, although it would
    > certainly be nice. I also think that there are several good businesses
    > that can arise from the OHS once some initial work has been done, and the
    > people who contribute to the OHS now will be in a good position to profit
    > from these opportunities, if they so choose.
    > 3. Purpose of this list. As Paul has pointed out, this list was created
    > as an outlet for offline colloquium discussion, not for the development of
    > the OHS. And I think it serves its purpose well in that regard. In my
    > opinion, there is a need for a separate list devoted exclusively to the
    > development of the OHS. This is something that will likely happen in the
    > near future.
    > 4. The waterfall model. Contrary to how it may currently look, the OHS
    > will not be developed under the waterfall model, which in my opinion
    > violates the notion of bootstrapping. We will hopefully follow more of an
    > extreme programming methodology, with a great emphasis on prototyping and
    > rapid development cycles. Fortunately, we already have a wonderful
    > prototype in the form of the Augment/NLS system.
    > As some of you may be aware, a group of us have been meeting regularly in
    > the Bay Area to plan and design the OHS. However anxious people may be to
    > see an initial release of code, let me emphasize that this first design
    > phase is an extremely important one. Our group consists of people of
    > disparate backgrounds and levels of experience, and it's important that we
    > all be on the same page both conceptually and technically before we can
    > start making intelligent technical and organizational decisions. Let me
    > reiterate, however, that this initial delay in releasing code is not
    > indicative of us following the waterfall model of software development.
    > I think we're moving in the right direction, and I'm optimistic about the
    > amount of progress we will see in the next month. I wouldn't be surprised
    > if, by the end of May, we had a license, an organizational model, a
    > distributed coding infrastructure (mailing lists, CVS, etc.), a specific
    > technical direction, and a small set of requirements for the first rev.
    > We may even see some progress in regards to funding.
    > -Eugene
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