Re: [unrev-II] A Cusp: License issues for released code & Legal Notice

From: Eugene Eric Kim (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 00:18:49 PDT

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    On Mon, 8 May 2000, Paul Fernhout wrote:

    > "Indemnification" as I understand it means, you pay the other person's
    > bill if anything goes wrong.

    Not quite. It means that if anything goes wrong because your code
    violates someone else's IP, neither BI nor Stanford are liable (i.e. they
    can't be sued.) In that situation, BI/Stanford would still have to stop
    using that code. Indemnification cannot be used as a loophole to avoid
    paying IP licensing fees.

    > Up to this point, code & comments I have submitted (recently or through
    > setting up Zope) has been nothing special, and I saw not great risk in
    > contributing it to this effort. But you can see why I hesitate to
    > contribute any significant code to this Colloquium/Bootstrap/Stanford at
    > this point.

    Fair enough. This is one reason why we need to create a new forum for OHS
    development (which we are doing). The purpose of this list was to discuss
    the colloquium, not to develop the OHS.


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