[unrev-II] syncing online and offline efforts

From: Eugene Eric Kim (eekim@eekim.com)
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 00:55:23 PDT

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    We need to do a better job of syncing up the efforts of those of us
    meeting in the Bay Area and those of you participating online. Here are a
    few things we should be doing:

    1. Create a separate forum for development. There are several reasons for
    doing this, one of which was raised by Paul regarding licensing. Lee is
    in the process of setting up a Zope/Wiki server that will serve part of
    our needs. We should also create a new mailing list focused entirely on
    OHS development, so we can continue to use this list to discuss broader
    issues regarding collaboratively augmenting human intelligence.

    2. Send minutes of our once-a-week meetings to the list, and archive
    them. Eric did this for a few of our meetings (which was great for me,
    since I missed two of them), and starting this week, we're going to do
    minutes more formally.

    3. Netcast our meetings. This is something that Mozilla does, and we
    should explore doing the same. Whether this happens depends on whether or
    not our meeting place has the infrastructure to support this (which I'm
    sure it does) and whether or not Doug wants to do it. I'm sure there are
    many implications of this that need to be thought through carefully before
    we go through the trouble of setting this up.


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