[unrev-II] Use Cases: Software Development

From: Eugene Eric Kim (eekim@eekim.com)
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 10:39:23 PDT

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    Start a new project.
    -Develop (Propose, Comment, Summarize, Finalize, Revise, Deprecate,
     Browse) goals.
    -Develop use cases.
    -Develop requirements.
    -Develop design.
    -Develop documentation.

    Link documents to other documents.
    -Link goals to use cases.
    -Link use cases to requirements.
    -Link requirements to source code.
    -Link requirements to design.
    -Link documentation to use cases.

    Integrate legacy data.
    -Integrate legacy documents (documentation, e-mail/discussion, source
    -Link legacy documents.

    Evaluate (Propose, Comment, Summarize, Finalize) software upon which
    system might be built.

    Manage release.
    -Assign tasks.
    -Manage (submit, comment, revise, incorporate) patches.
    -Link patches to documents.

    Track bugs.
    -Report a bug.
    -Assign a bug.
    -Link bugs to patches.

    Contribute source code.

    Volunteer for task.

    Accurate impartial advice on everything from laptops to table saws.

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