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Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 10:33:07 PDT

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    Source code is a special case (usually), because it does not contain any
    Source code does not meet the minimum for requirements for a document
    because it does ot contain any information items.

    Please look at:

    for this line of thinking.

    I hope that any specific information item is either in the DKR or ouside
    the DKR. If it is inside the DKR, then it must be identified and mapped
    by the DKR. If the item has no internal mapping structure that the OHS
    can read, such as an untagged source code listing or binary form, then
    there is only the DKR wrapper enclosing and defining the content as a
    single information entity with no mappable internal structure. If there
    is an internal mapping structure (such an if the item is a well-formed
    XML document), then the DKR can map into its information items.
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