Re: [unrev-II] Towards Definitions

Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 14:49:53 PDT

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    Doug asked me to do something useful, maybe a list of terms and
    definitions. I have learned that this means Ontology - everyone refers
    to the exact same item in the exact same context by the exact same name.
    Using this concept In a DKR node map, if an information item has an id
    that is unique in a unique namespace then the content can be found very

    The basis of any set of definitions/standards is

    where we begin wilh use of the words must, must not, required, shall,
    shall not, should, should not, recommended, may, and optional. As we
    describe this implement we are working on, let's agree on those terms
    for now, at least.

    Currently the terms transcode and translate have been used, sometimes
    leaving the audience balked at what that may mean.

    I think we can use the term transcode for almost every operation of this
    system except for operations that involve actual translation from one
    ethnic language to another, like from Amercan English to Japanese. The
    process of translation usually infers some drift of content as it moves
    from one context to another.

    Transcoding, at its simplest, means faithfull substition of one encoding
    form for another with complete presevation of the content, For example
    transcoding is the operation of converting a data stream from UTF-8 to
    UTF-16 with no information loss. A more general form of transfoding is
    to add or change some part of the object for the purpose of
    compatibility between processes while completely preserving all content.
    When an item is submitted to the DKR, or read from the DKR, some sort of
    change will happen to the item. Even if this change is just an update of
    some attribute, or if the change is conversion from text to speech, we
    can safely call this change a transcode step. Of course each step in the
    transcoding must be completely and unambigiously specified.

    As a sidelight: Sending content to the DKR can be visualized as a
    translation process, moving an information item from its location of
    construction, the OHS, to its location of storage, the DKR. Just imagine
    a geometric form that identifies the item as it takes its place in the
    existng DKR node map.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

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