[unrev-II] More on JetSpeed

From: Bill Bearden (BBearden@BCL.net)
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 08:45:05 PDT

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    I found a fairly recent review on XML.com of JetSpeed, Apache's Java
    "Enterprise Portal".

    The reviewer concluded that JetSpeed has promise but is still young.

    JetSpeed supports importing news headlines via 2 syndication protocols: RSS
    and OCS.

    JetSpeed portals are built on Java programs called portlets. Portlets are
    mapped to locations on HTML pages via Portal Site Markup Language (PSML).

    JetSpeed uses functionality from a number of Apache projects. It uses the
    XML parser and XSLT processor: Xerces and Xalan. It uses session management
    and database connectivity from the Turbine engine. JetSpeed can present
    pages that have been generated by Cocoon, an XML through XSL template
    compiler (I'm not sure compiler is the right word). And of course, all this
    runs behind the Apache httpd server.

    The next release will support iCalendar. And the reviewer stated that the
    plan is to eventually add groupware functionality.

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