[unrev-II] WebKB

From: Bill Bearden (BBearden@BCL.net)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 08:19:35 PDT

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    I read the part of the Cocoon discussion that was linked to the other day. I
    followed up trying to figure out what RDF is and stumbled onto some articles
    by Tim Berners-Lee and then onto SemanticWeb.org
    (http://www.semanticweb.org). From their resources page I jumped to Philippe
    Martin's WebKB. The Semantic Web resources page said WebKB links knowledge
    to "Document Elements" (DEs). This sounded like more granularity (a good
    thing) so I looked into it.

    WebKB is a set of tools.

    It includes a tool to "connect DEs by conceptual relations". There is a
    "conceptual graph textual editor" and a "conceptual graph graphic editor".
    There is a hierarchy browser for browsing "Isa" hierarchies (sounds like the
    "is a" that becomes class inheritance in OO design). The site also has
    Martin's top-level ontology which includes 200 concepts and 200 relations.

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