RE: [unrev-II] And, speaking of evolvability...

From: Bill Bearden (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 11:54:55 PDT

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    > infomation is
    > entered, evolved, and used to achieve a defined result. And really, I
    > haven't seen any higher vision of this than Doug's.

    I was just attempting to make fun.

    In the context of Jack's message (to which I responded), the key word from
    your response is "evolved".

    But I wonder what Jack was getting at with his post. Should we consider
    Calvin's 6 essential components of evolution (pattern, pattern replication,
    pattern variation, competition, environment, and preference for successful
    patterns) as design elements in an idea-space? Or perhaps this is a metaphor
    for use in training users?

    And I agree that Doug's vision is huge. While it is often difficult for me
    to see past the information system that might come out of all this, Doug is
    already asking how that system will fit in existing and future social
    systems. I would go see his optician if I thought it would help.

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