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Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 08:36:17 PDT

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    A map of the DKR contents and external references must be provided in
    several forms to facilitate the possiblility of the "Aaahaaa" happening
    as the author uses the map along with actual contents to achieve
    understanding of some relationship. There are not just solid lines
    connecting different items, but several different symbologies, dashed
    lines, enclosing figures, and other visual, auditory, and tactile clues,
    to help identify various trajectories of primary and subordinate thought
    vector information flows.

    When an item becomes part of the DKR, the author must define
    relationships between the new and other content explicitly, then later,
    other collaborators may add or delete 'connections'. or even create
    personal maps which help one individual but might be worthless to
    another. Along with this, the DKR has some smarts to do some mapping of
    its own, presentling suggestions for possible linkages not identified by

    I think the big idea is that the DKR should produce several differnet
    types of node maps, ranging from simple indented structures like you
    might find on a mail list, to the complete (maybe initially
    overwhelming) multidimensional structure of multimedia objects contained
    in and related to a DKR. Then, any user should be able to customize the
    symbology for a specific purpose.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

    Alternative Interface Devices.
    Improve Accessibility and Utility of the WWW...

    Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations.
    Remember the good 'ol days

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