[unrev-II] Proving an Author is.

From: David L Robinson (drobinso@nrg.com.au)
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 04:54:06 PDT

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    I was just wondering if anyone has thought about how the OHS would
    prove an Author really was who he was?

    Under most Messaging systems I've seen/used the authentication is
    just a simple username & password.

    If the OHS wants to make a large organization or country work
    together then simple username/passwords is going to get annoying.

    Certificates (SSL,etc) would do the job but people would need to
    carry around their Certificate when ever they leave the office or
    connect from home.

    As the system gets large one needs to keep the group access of
    documents secure. I've seen how a badly designed Novell Tree can
    cause System Admins many headaches when people move and leave.

    If only everyone had a unique Key that they always carried around with them:-)

    What ever is used for the username/loginname it needs to be easy to
    remember and enter as people will need to enter it when
    sending/linking documents to others.

    I suppose LDAP linkage would also be good.

    I just thought I might bring this up while your all getting your
    thoughts together on how/where to start programming.


    David Robinson
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