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    ...."e-Cyc--a division of Cycorp, the leader in computer-based common
    sense--is now bringing the power of Cyc to the Internet and to corporate
    intranets. The e-Cyc portal toolkit delivers much more than so-called
    'knowledge management' capabilities, because it is built atop the Cyc
    knowledge base--the world's largest general-purpose knowledge base,
    containing over one million facts and rules about the world."...

    ...What Cycorp CEO Doug Lenat is trying to do -- in fact, is doing -- is
    provide Cyc with a complex series of conceptual maps containing
    information on the people, places, and things that make up the everyday
    world with the expectation that somewhere down the line, Cyc will take
    over its own programming and function as an autonomous intelligence.
    This involves equipping Cyc with the ability to cut through layer upon
    layer of ambiguity, for the world we live in is fraught with ambiguity.
    To accomplish this task, Lenat has enlisted the skills of a team of
    engineers, or "blue-collar philosophers," each of them experts in some
    academic field (linguistics, economics, philosophy, etc.), who perform
    the often tedious task of pumping accurate and up-to-date information
    into Cyc's knowledge base. ....

    Try their enhanced search enginee on HotBot's beta site.

    .... For a DARPA project, Cycorp will be providing a key technology,
    Conceptual Alignment, whereby the software agents can understand each
    other's messages even though they continue to use their separate,
    specialized languages. The Cyc ontology (or concept system) will be used
    not only to describe content of the agents' messages, but, more
    important, it will be used to represent the structure and semantic
    features of agent communication and cooperation.

    Suppose that in order to perform a certain financial analysis, you need
    to know the average price of tea in Chinese export warehouses. This
    information is scattered among different agents speaking different
    languages; and what's worse, there may be a chain of agents handing off
    requests before reaching the ultimate sources. When these agents become
    conceptually aligned, each will know the capabilities of the other and
    will be able to negotiate "common ground" for communication. Agents
    broadcasting their needs and capabilities will someday form a "knowledge
    exchange," trading knowledge and responsibilities to gain the
    efficiencies of an open knowledge market. ...

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