Re: [unrev-II] OHS ZWiki at Bootstrap

Date: Sat Jun 10 2000 - 06:40:46 PDT

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    ZWiki looks like fun!
    Having some official version somewhere is very important. Great use of
    ZWiki on a project of this scale of the glossary, for instance, is to
    expose sections of content for easy commentary, then, when the
    collaborators agree, move the revised content into the 'official'
    version, then update ZWiki. Ideally, this should be easy to do. It may
    mean breaking large sections into smaller chunks.

    ALong with that comment, I think that the 'official' version should be
    on or linked to from the page. I just
    looked there and even the link to How to Get Involved is Dead. With the
    material we have, let's make a special effort to get the unrev2 page
    working better Now and for Doug's trip, so he can show something from
    this group.

    Best Regards,

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