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Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 16:09:41 PDT

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    ThemeScape 2.0 Targeted at Enterprise Portals and Business Intelligence
    Based on Cartia's proprietary Relational Topic Mapping (RTM) technology,
    ThemeScape automatically reads large numbers of documents, recognizes
    the informational content, and organizes the collection by topic onto a
    visual map. Version 2 makes the technology accessible via the web.

    "ThemeScape helps you rise above individual documents to see the big
    picture," said Mark Goros, CEO of Cartia. "The system is designed to
    rapidly convey information with very little reading. In less than 30
    seconds, it can show you what's inside thousands of documents
    and that's just the beginning. When you search, the results are visually
    organized by topic, right on the map. You can zoom in for greater
    detail, flag interesting documents and forward them to others. It's a
    new way to work with information."...

    ...." can show you in 15 seconds what could take hours of
    reading," said Mark Goros, CEO of Cartia. "Everything is graphically
    organized by topic. You can look at a NewsMap of 500 news articles and
    pick out the hot spots with almost no reading. You can see a discussion
    forum of 10,000 postings and immediately know what people are talking
    about. NewsMaps are fully interactive so you can search, zoom in, read
    individual documents, and even respond to newsgroup postings."...

    .... Because documents are simply points on the map, it is possible for
    ThemeScape to show thousands of documents at once without overwhelming
    the user. Zooming into the map reveals greater detail. For any region on
    the map, a click of the mouse pops up a list of documents with related
    content. Pointing to any document title displays a short text summary.
    A mouse click links the user directly to the original document.....

    ...The software is particularly strong as a business intelligence tool.
    The unique search capabilities of the software make it possible for
    users to see patterns and relationships between their company, market,
    and competitors. For example, a user could search an archive of industry
    press articles for their company name and immediately see what topics
    are associated with their company. A search on a competitor will reveal
    a different pattern, leading to new insights about similarities,
    differences, and opportunities. is a free site. A small Java applet provides interactive
    control and is downloaded when the first map is selected. Access
    requires Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 3 or
    higher. Version 4 browsers are recommended.

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